Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Some More Book Recommending.....

I had ordered this (available here and here) a few months ago from Amazon.

It had been quite some time since Amazon emailed to say that the order had shipped. The post here is slow at the best of times, and stuff does have a habit of going missing, so when nothing arrived I was resigned to the fact that the book had been stolen/mislaid/lost and I would have to reorder.

Before I placed the order I emailed Amazon customer service just in the hope that there had been a screw up on their part and that the book hadn't actually shipped.

Within 20 minutes of emailing I got the following reply:


I'm sorry your shipment was lost in transit. I've placed a new order that's listed below. We'll ship it to the same address as soon as possible.

Order Number: 102-0169797-1167455
Estimated Delivery Date: September 29 - September 30

To ensure your replacement order isn't held up by delays in customs, I created the replacement order with charges and refunded your original order. The charge for this order is $39.46, and the refund is in the same amount. Both the charge and refund will be applied to the credit card used on the original order; the refund will appear in the next 3-5 business days.

I’ve also upgraded the shipping method to Expedited International Shipping and refunded the amount of that upgrade on the replacement order.

Should you eventually receive the original package, you're welcome to keep, donate, or dispose of it--whichever option is most appropriate and convenient for you.

We hope to see you again soon.

Best regards,

Vishnu M.
Pretty impressive customer service!

The replacement arrived a couple of days ago. It's not strictly Mexican, it covers Native American Latin American food and I haven't done much more than dip into it at this point, however it is very pretty and is interesting thus far.

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