Tuesday, 19 October 2010

And yet more book recommending....

There are a couple of other cookbooks I've been leafing through. Both are in Spanish and I'm not sure how available both are. The first is listed by a couple of Amazon marketplace sellers (who are clearly taking the piss with the prices! $112 for new and $156 for second hand?).

The title translates to "Alchemy and Atmospheres of Flavours".

As you can guess from the title it's not an everyday kind of book. The recipes are generally quite involved, but the book is beautifully photographed. If you have a pre-existing prejudice against Mexican cuisine, which I, coming from a French = cooking background, definitely did (the chef who I first worked with described Mexican food as dog food plus ketchup!) - this book will cure you. It is a insight in to the possibilities of Mexican cuisine; the subtlety, variety and most unexpectedly the elegance.

The second book, El Sabor De México is a much simpler. Much more of an everyday book.

There appers to be a couple of different books with this title. The author of this one Marlena Spieler, of whom I have never heard, seems to be a very prolific author with books covering various cuisines in various languages. I wonder would the name simply be a convention used by the publisher?

Whether this is actually a recommendation for the book or not.....

The book is in the style of those of Tasmin Day-Lewis, it has large photos on the facing pages with relatively simple recipes clearly and briefly described.

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