Sunday, 14 November 2010

Machacado Con Huevo

This is another breakfast dish (apologies for hopping around so much, looking back there is less logic to the progression of posts than I would have originally hoped), Marchacado Con Huevo is a combination of onion, chile and shredded dried meat lightly fried with scrambled egg.

Carne seca is salted, dried and shredded meat, normally beef. It is available to purchase in all of the supermarkets here, however Diana Kennedy does have instructions on making your own from very thinly sliced sirloin which is salted and air dried for a few days. It sounds straightforward however it is more of a palaver than I would be prepared for. The carne seca has a rough fibrous texture, a bag of it looks more like a bag of jute than meat. It is very different from American jerky which bears a much closer resemblance to the meat it originated from.

The dish itself, like most breakfast dishes, is fast and simple. A quarter cup of diced onion is fried in a little olive oil or lard until translucent, along with somewhat less than a single finely diced serrano chile. A scant handful (about a quarter cup) of carne seca is added to this along with another quarter cup of diced tomato. The mixture is fried for a couple of minutes before adding 3 lightly beaten eggs and scrambling lightly. Don't add any seasoning until after the eggs have been added as the dried meat will have a certain amount of salt.

The machacado is served in a tortilla, flour seems to be the normal with egg based fillings, but corn tortillas work fine too.

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