Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I'm not dead honestly...

I've been at home for Christmas and all of January and am just beginning to get myself back into some sort of a routine. Expect a flurry of posts over the next few days.

There are a couple of restaurants I would like to mention, not to review, but more so that I can record for myself what I found interesting about each and what might be worth trying at home.

I have been expirimenting with some things that are not necessarily Mexican, specifically pizza dough recently, and I am toying with the idea of occasionally posting any lessons learned.

Finally, I have a rough road map in mid for the next few posts, basically the staple items of Mexican cusine which I would like to cover, leaving myself free then to pick and chose from what interests me beyond that, knowing that there is a decent foundation in place. The items I have in mind are beans and rice, flour tortillas, tamales (there is a packet of corn husks in the cupboard which I bought a couple of months ago now, in antipitation of doing tamales, which eye me reproachfully every time I open the door), some more on salsas and then a few soups.

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