Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Before we begin....

It seems to me there are two types off food blogs. The "I didn't have any baking powder so I used dishwasher detergent instead - I think it worked OK - here's a picture of me in the emergency ward" or the "here's a thousand useless facts you knew already - I'm great - please write nice things in the comments"

This hopefully will be neither of those. I'm going to presume a basic level of knowledge (or at least the ability to look it up on Google) and some comfort with basic kitchen craft. The point of this is from me to learn Mexican cooking and to share some of the lessons learned along the way. I have no intention on being the definitive guide to anything, neither have I the patience to be the Complete Idiot's guide to Mexican food.

If like me you can already cook and are interested in learning a new cuisine perhaps you will find this useful, hopefully some of the knowledge I glean along the way will save you some time and frustration.


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